Writing Workshop San Francisco

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 12:00pm

It's Spring in San Francisco. The City's seasons, however subtle with their lack of snow or pounding sun, are dishing out so many changes. Suddenly there's freesia and honeysuckle blooming along with the cherry and plum blossoms. The huge old magnolia trees outside The Octagonal House are also doing what they do this time of year: yielding flowers so big they could each hold a baseball. On my walk home, I passed the neighborhood's school where crawling jasmine vines are strangling the parking lot fence. The blooms are so sweet-smelling and heady, it's dizzying. 

Teaching has been keeping me busy (speaking of dizzying), but I've managed to log a few hours writing my new project, too. A couple of excerpts have recently appeared or are soon-to-appear. One here. And another here. I've also had my website revamped so you can more quickly get the vital info. In doing so, I've answered some questions about what makes The Lab different from the other classes out there. That link is here.   

And Labbers have been keeping busy, too. One regular just got back from playing keyboards on the European leg of a rock tour, and another just received her acceptance letter to NYU's MFA program. 

The next 6-week cycle of The Lab will likely be the last of 2013. It's starting on Tuesday April 9th, so if you've been thinking about joining the group, now's the time sign up! You can do so here

This cycle will be a "Greatest Hits" run. Over the years, I've come up with about 70 original experiments aimed at helping participants discover then develop fiction and memoir (and also a bit of genre-defying prose and poems and plays) that feels urgent and vital. From these past experiments, I'll be choosing six that have yielded compelling results. If you've taken The Lab before, and want to sign up again, don't hestitate. I guarantee that the prompts will all feel fresh and new. 

If the new website doesn't answer your questions, and/or if you feel like having a chat, email me with your concerns and a few good times to call. 

Happy Spring, Word Nerds!