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Fri, 08/14/2009 - 7:12pm

August 2009 Blog Update:






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July was one busy month. I said "so long" to my beloved New York, reunited with The Bay and worked hard to deal with my work situation. So many incredible teaching artists are suddenly out of jobs and insurance because of the mammoth cutbacks in education. 

Still, I'm grateful for the distraction that looking for work provided. There's nothing like finishing a project that took years to do and then WAIT to find out what's next. I've been calling people who've finished novels and asking them how they did it. How they waited for the agents and editors and readers to finish reading. One said she gained 20 pounds. Another said he went crazy "dating" (ahem). The most sensible answer was a friend who said she got right back into writing, as if the previous manuscript never existed. Her answer fits right into what Philip Glass, the American composer, said in the documentary I'm watching about him, "I have one secret. You get up early in the morning and work all day. That's the only secret."

My plan was to jump right back into my writing. I thought I'd edit my short fiction for a collection. Instead, I had to start job hunting.

Luckily, things look like they're going to be okay now. At least for the next six months. This morning, I opened a story I've been putting off getting back into for years.

Thanks to everyone who sent such supportive notes about the finishing of the big draft and/or about my work at State being cut back. Thanks to everyone who signed up/posted/forwarded/talked about The Douglass Street Labs and/or my manuscript consultation services.

I know there are tons of classes and very qualified writers out there, and I very much appreciate your support. 



"The Laundry Party"

Thursday, August 20, 2009   

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Kearny Street Workshop at PariSoma   

1436 Howard Street @ 10th Street    

San Francisco, CA

A bi-coastal sometimes private/sometimes public salon series, this  one is a free public event where a variety of different artists preview, workshop, and showcase new works in multiple genres.

I'm thrilled that the series' originator, the actress and playwright Samantha Chanse , is going to be back in SF from Columbia University's MFA Playwrighting program. Sam will perform a chapter from my novel manuscript as part of the evening's lineup.

Hope to see you there!  For more information, RSVP on facebook




Douglass Street 6, The Fall 2009 Lab, starts Tuesday 9/8/9 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. As it stands, three slots remain.

This Sunday 8/16, I'm co-hosting an "open-house" to catch up with those who've already taken The Lab and to meet people who're interested in finding out more about this/future sessions. Please feel free to drop by. Details here

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If you're already sure you'd like to sign up, don't wait! I've joined eventbrite to make signing up a breeze. Click Here for more info & to register.  



For nearly fifteen years, I've been working with fiction/memoir writers who're interested in tightening their work. They may be sending it out for publication consideration, or applying for graduate school, fellowships, or grants. Some clients simply want to improve upon their craft. Through the years, I've worked with Pushcart and O'Henry-winning authors, and writers whose imaginations and hard work got them invited into MFA programs as competitive as University of Oregon, Syracuse, Columbia, and NYU. 

While The Lab is ideal for people who want to generate new work and/or to expand a project; working 1-on-1 is best for those who have an existing project they're ready to work hard on finishing. Click here to find out more about how it works. Click here to read testimonials with people who've worked 1-on-1 with me. 



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