New Website :: Updates :: 6 Seats Left

Dear Labbers and Friends of The Lab, 

Welcome to the latest version of! Thanks and bravo to Alec Laughlin who designed the site. 

There are 6 seats left in the Fall 2016 Cycle of The Lab :: Writing Classes with Matthew Clark Davison. 

6 new experiments over 6 consecutive Tuesdays to delve deeper, discover, and develop your fiction and creative non fiction. 

Starts 9/13/2016

7-9:30  in a new gorgeous Pacific Heights location. 

Want a seat? Sign up here. 


Labber Shideh Etaat was published in Amazon's Day One

Lots of other Labbers are doing interesting things out there. I'm posting about them on The Lab's Facebook Page


Using the same prompts as The Labbers, I imaged, wrote, revised, and published some creative non-fiction at Guernica

I hope you'll check it out. 

Until next time, 


​top photo "99 Cent" by Andreas Gursky, 1999