From those who sought help on MFA applications.

It's always a bit unnerving sharing a story with an accomplished writer and as a novice writer applying to MFA Programs, I found myself rather intimidated, overwhelmed and exposed. Matthew established a disarming sense of comfort that immediately put all fear and worry to rest. Our discussions were illuminating, and provided me the a means of uncovering the real direction of my work. He was able to draw purity from my words, revealing prose that carried much more substance and focus. He was always flexible with regards to schedule. Matthew's insight and expertise propelled me through this process with a comfort and confidence I was unable to obtain on my own. I cannot thank him enough and look forward to working with him again in the future.

—Dan Horan

Working with Matthew has proven invaluable during the MFA application process.  In looking at my manuscript, he gave solid advise that would not have occurred to me otherwise, but more importantly, I found the required personal statement most tedious.  How to 'sell' yourself, how to position yourself, in the midst of hundreds of applications for the same program, was quite difficult, and only with Matthew's professional advice was I able to write a concise, accurate and creative statement.  What I came away with was not only a fighting chance at admittance, but also a solid personal and professional relationship with Matthew.  In the event that I get in to the MFA program, my gratitude to him will be deservedly a great deal.  

—Sheila Neil