One-On-One Manuscript Consultations

I specialize in literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, and memoir. I aim to help my clients bridge the gap between their most ambitious vision for their pieces and their current drafts.

I offer tailored reading suggestions, including: essays on craft, relevant/model short stories, novels, and narrative nonfiction. I also create original prompts for each of my clients. 

We can meet in-person (if we find ourselves in the same city), or via Skype, GoogleChat, iChat, or ear-to-ear by old-fashioned phone.

First: I carefully read your material.

Second: I make comments , edits, and suggestions on your manuscript using MS Word's "Track Changes" feature. 

Third: We discuss. 

Macro Feedback includes what I see as your:

  • Vision for the material.
  • Major areas of conflict.
  • Overall characterization.
  • Plot: pacing & ordering.

Micro Feedback Includes:

  • Areas to & suggestions how to:
  • Sharpen conflict.
  • Effectively use place, atmosphere, setting.
  • Opportunities to deepen characterization with:
  • Dialogue.
  • Concreteness of detail.
  • Precision of emotion.
  • The comments on your manuscript outline the discussion.

Our conversation is focused to achieve two things at once:

  • Address specific issues within the story, chapter, or excerpt.
  • Give you an improved comprehension of craft techniques and strategies applicable to your current project and your future work.


MFA/MA Graduate Program Applications

Having served on the admissions committee for the MA and MFA programs at San Francisco State, I have a good idea of what makes an application and fiction sample stand out from the rest. Graduate programs have become so competitive, working with a private coach may give you an edge. 


  • Help you decide where to apply.
  • Share my Experience as an MFA/MA student and teacher.
  • Read a body of your work.
  • Suggest a particular short story or an excerpt to use for your writing sample (based on where you're applying and their requirements).
  • Once a sample is selected, I can work with you as described in MANUSCRIPTS.


  • Articulate writing goals.
  • Devise realistic & practical plans to achieve goals.
  • Set and keep deadlines
  • Formulate strategies for slow periods or blocks.


RATES: Hourly. Discounts available for packages. Please contact me for details.