July 19th, 2007


Thu, 07/19/2007 - 3:14am

Whenever I travel, one of many priorities in getting grounded after arriving somewhere new is to figure out where to get/how to make coffee. I'm so useless in the morning before coffee that my roommate Dana used to make me a cup and leave it on my bedside table and then shut the door to by bedroom.  

When I arrived, I immediately eyed the coffee maker on the counter and asked Michael where he suggests I buy a pound. He said, "I always go to the MudTruck. It's just too easy and it's right downstairs." I asked him about the coffee. "Amazing," he said, and he's not a person who that uses that word often. 

Another early priority is finding a gym. A friend once said in front of me, "The only thing separating Matthew from lunacy is an hour at the gym." 

In SF, I belong to Crunch. Not really on purpose but it's not bad. I'd joined another gym in my neighborhood a long time ago. It had tons of affordable yoga and was (is) a block away. It had been independently owned, but Crunch eventually bought it. The good news about a corporate gym is when I travel now there's often a place where I can go and separate myself from lunacy. I was happy to see there was a location a block away from where I'm staying. Right on Lafayette across from The Public Theater. I worked out there yesterday and picked up the schedule. I watched people walked in and out under the arches of The Public while I sweat-ed on the elliptical machine. 

So now that I have my coffee and gym, the writing is going really well. So is the research. How could it not? Look at "my" desk!

Last night Michael and I stayed in, made fresh scallop cevice and talked. Now I'm ready to dig in today. I'm writing this morning, being interviewed by a friend for a class he's taking. This afternoon and evening, I'll do my research with my friend Piercy-Blue who moved to NY a couple of months ago. 

More later.